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Dressage Percent Day 2

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Classes: Any test may be ridden except Freestyle, Prix Caprilli, and Western Dressage (ring size must be 20x60)

Times: All ride times will be published on the Wednesday prior to the event on the SRC website

Fees: $20.00 per test (members) / $30.00 per test non-members

Prizes: Percentage ribbons to all riders for first ride/test, to be picked up with score sheet in the show office.

Note: If same rider/horse combination riding test twice, the first test ride will count for ribbon placing, the second ride will be scored but considered a schooling ride.

Registration: Closing date for entries is one week (7 days) prior to event start. Forms are available from the SRC office or online.


Training through Second level: Snaffle bit and bridle with one of the following nosebands are permitted; drop, regular cavesson, flash, or figure 8. 

Third and Fourth Levels: Double bridle is optional.

A horse or pony may wear boots or bandages.

Cruppers, girth covers, foregirths, breastplates, and non restrictive fly guards may be used. Running Martingales are permitted where a single snaffle bit is used.

Coaching/headset allowed.

Wire or Twisted wire bits, martingales other than running, bit guards, blinkers, ear plugs, draw reins are prohibited.