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Britta Pedersen Session

After a successful first session in June, Britta is back to Southlands.

The ‘Equestrian RMBA’ (Ridden Muscle Balance Assessment) system consists of a series of strength, flexibility, and Range of Motion tests, performed to the upper & lower body, spine and core. The specific RMBA is conducted (both off & on your horse) is structured into 4 phases:

Stage 1: Assessment postural alignment & biomechanical systems during the warm-up phase on your horse.

Stage 2: Complete a variety of specific tests from the ground, to identify possible muscular weaknesses, tightness, dysfunctions, joint hyper/hypo-mobility.

Stage 3: Comprehensive explanation of the biomechanics of ‘your’ seat in the saddle and hands-on guidance on how to make correct and effective changes. Britta works with you on the horse for the remainder of the session as this will help you to cement the “feel” of your alignment and achieve postural harmony between both you and your horse’s way of going.

Stage 4: The results of your RMBA assessment will serve as a blueprint for your Rider Performance Program (RPP) and allow your Equestrian Physiotherapist/Physical Therapist to custom design a very specific and individualised plan to meet your needs which will be emailed to you approximately 1 week following your RMBA assessment.

Maximum of 8 participants / An hour session per participants / Day & overnight stall available

Price: $425 + GST / Auditors by donation to SRC Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Program.

Registration Deadline: August 23, 2019.

$100 non-refundable* deposit at time of booking . Fees will be refunded ONLY if the space is able to be filled by another rider.

Contact the Club for more details.

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