Pippa Emrick

Trainer – Southlands Riding Club

604-351-5522 | pippa@pippa.ca

Pippa Emrick has been a Club member since 1992, and has been teaching at the Southlands Riding Club since 2004. She has successfully competed both Nationally and Internationally with horses that she has trained herself since they were young. Pippa achieved her Pony Club “A” in 1998 and has traveled to Spruce Meadows, The Royal Winter Fair, Indio, Germany, and Switzerland to compete in Hunters, Jumpers, and Dressage.

She has had experience with different types of horses, and has brought along many young horses to the upper levels of dressage and jumping. She is excellent at working with difficult horses, or those with “problems” that need help sorting out.

Although Pippa still rides, trains, brings along young horses, and competes in the 1.30 Jumpers with her horse Berengaria, her main focus has shifted towards her coaching, and her student’s pleasure and competitive goals.

Pippa has had over 10 years experience coaching the young and old, those working towards Grand Prix, or those who simply want to enjoy riding and learn as much as possible.

Pippa’s strengths as a coach lie in her own riding and competitive experience. Not being a “natural” rider has made PIppa very good at explaining to students why, and how to do things as opposed to just telling them to do it!

Pippa’s teaching philosophy is to teach the rider the skills to be able to ride any horse, and to have a strong background in dressage as well as jumping. Pippa firmly believes that the rider should do as much of the training of their horse as possible- she works with students to fix their and their horses issues rather than always getting on the horse to fix them herself.

For those looking to advance their beginner skills, or those looking to get back into riding after a break, Pippa is a kind, patient, fun coach. She also has a few horses available for lease, and or weekly lessons.

Pippa believes in creating a community for her students, and holds monthly “social nights” where all her students get together and have games nights, mini competitions, or outings in an effort to get to know each other, and make friends, because first and foremost riding is about having fun, and realizing how lucky we are to be able to ride horses!