Membership Rules

  1. You may NOT downgrade or cancel your membership during the first 12-month period; in subsequent years, you may downgrade once per year.
  2. You may upgrade your membership at any time; however, you will be required to pay the difference in initiation fees between the two membership categories.    
  3. You remain a member of the Club until you resign.  You may resign by providing the Office with 30-days written notice.                                                   
  4. Annual payments are due on the 1st of November each calendar year and must be paid within 30 days of November 1.
  5. Members are to pay monthly bills within 15 days of being invoiced.
  6. Any member whose account is in arrears will receive a notice to this effect. Any member whose bill remains unpaid 30 days after this notice will no longer be in good standing. If the amount owing remains unpaid at 120 days after receiving the original invoice, membership will be revoked.
  7. Non-Sufficient Funds Policy: A $30.00 charge will be applied to any declined payment due to non-sufficient funds; this includes cheques and monthly pre-approved credit-card transactions. Payments that cannot be processed due to compromised and/or expired credit cards are exempt from this policy. 
  8. Initiation fees and dues are NOT refundable under any circumstances.                                                                                                                                 
  9. Everyone who joins the Club owes the full initiation fee, regardless of whether or not they have been a member in the past. There is NO discounted “re-initiation fee”.
  10. For insurance purposes, it is mandatory that all members maintain a Horse Council of BC (HCBC) membership.
  11. Voting privileges are restricted to Senior, Golden Age, Honorary, Student, and intermediate members aged 16 or older.

new membership information package (updated 2016)